Originally from Japan, father of three, and weekend BBQ cook. 
Passionate about art, typography, music, and emerging technology. 
Currently based in Brisbane, AU working as a Snr Digital Art Director for VMLY&R.

For over 10 years he has been working as a digital creative for startups & global ad agencies including M&C Saatchi Sydney, Publicis Sydney & Brisbane, and Ogilvy Brisbane.

He has saved 4WD drivers in QLD from floodwater by creating fake online "Tough Checker", educated Queenslanders on the topic of fire safety by creating mobile first gamified fire drill web app, helped NT to greet & warn people by 3D crocodile and take a selfie together at Darwin airport, helped a brand to explain how their new product package unfolds with facebook & Snap AR...etc

He has also run (and failed) online art battle apparel brand/startup called "Thieves & Honour". 

Outside work, he illustrates under alias name "ug", occasionally uploads Youtube video teaching kids how to draw Japanese cartoon characters, 
plays the drums to his favourite hip hop tracks and robot dances with kids.
BADC 2016 
Websites & UI

“Unleashed” - FootLocker
BADC 2016 
Online Shared Film

“Hot DesQ” - Queensland Government
BADC 2016 
Client of the year
Digital Campaign 

AWWWARDS Site of The Day Nominee 2014
AWWWARDS Honorable Mention

"Bring the Tigers Back"
Young Glory Professional Shortlist November 2013

"Australian Frontline Machinery"
AWWWARDS Site of The Day Nominee 2012

"LIMITED EDITION", Sydney Cats and Dogs Home
ADMA 2011 Effectiveness Awards Bronze
ADMA 2011 Creative Awards Campaign Silver
ADMA 2011 Creative Awards Out of Home Silver

"Project Green", Macquarie University
AWWWARDS Site of The Day 2011
The Best Website Around the World 2011

"Boots and dreams", Qantas
ADMA 2010 Creative awards Bronze 

"ADMA Master the art"
ADMA 2010 Effectiveness Awards Bronze 

"Sneaky Thieves" ANZ
ADMA 2010 Digital Direct Response Advertising Bronze 
NineMSN Butterfly Award 2010 

"Gorrilaz Plastic Beach Watch", EMI
CSS Nature site of the week 2010 
AWWWARDS Site of The Day 2010
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